Naples (IT), 1992

Neapolitan by birth. He has cultivated his passion for the arts and, in particular, for architecture from a young age. After the scientific high school diploma, obtained in his hometown, he decides to enroll at the Department of Architecture of the Neapolitan university. Graduating in 2018 with a job concerning the restoration and functional adaptation of the abandoned spaces relating to the so-called Novitiate of the Certosa di San Martino .

At the same time as his studies, he matured an interest in the world of architecture and landscape photography. The turning point in the understanding of shooting techniques was the six-month course held by Mario Ferrara at his university.

During the academic years he carried out his first experiences in terms of volunteering at the Italian Historic Houses Association (ADSI) which led to the publication, together with other authors, of the small booklet accompanying the buildings selected for the occasions, taking particular care of the photographic section.

In the same period he participated, as a photographer, in several competitions such as the one organized by the people of Naples in 2016 at the Palazzo Arti Napoli (PAN) in via dei Mille. In 2017 it is the turn of the XXI edition of FUTURO REMOTO in Piazza Plebiscito.

Immediately after graduating, he qualified for the profession and began collaborating with neapolitan architecture and engineering firms and with construction companies.

At the same time he conducts his photographic research with a new collective exhibition at the Frank Ison Space in London organized by PROFFERLO architecture in February 2021 and with the publication of the shots on the market in Sant’Anna di Palazzo in the dutch magazine OASE number 108 with the architecture studio A402 in March of the same year.